Sales agent joint
We are integrated supplier of home fitness products, not only provide a wide variety of home fitness products, but also we have a professional brand operation team. We have a comprehensive service line of our own design, marketing, operation support, after-sales support.
Firstly:A Pre-Distribution Production
1.    Our marketing consultant and brand agent sales will make a market research and analysis and provide professional brand agent shop location suggestion.
2.    Our designer and marketing consultant will help storedisplay and product selection, and provide professional advice from themarketing and beauty angles.
Secondly: Operational Support
1.     Each brand agent has specialized marketing personnel who are responsible for helping agent to order.
2.     Product will be updated to sales agent by our marketing personnel every month, thus makes agent market update conveniently.
3.    Product promotion activities, also launched by specialized marketing personnel with brand agent.
4.    Brand agent can feel free to contact our fitness consultant; who will provide professional training advice according to the needs of different customers.
5.    Provide customers agood business environment, and  share solutionon vicious competition and falling profits which caused by multi-brand andinitial business. Each customer managed within their own market and channel, to ensure that the customer distribution of relative exclusive.
Thirdly, brand agents preferential plan
1.     For the new and old customers, we will send differentgifts together with the products.
2.     According to different levels of brand agent, we will have different price discounts and rebate
LIVEUP decided to make its own contribution on fitnessindustry through system integration and innovation. On the great path of globalization, we are very willing to share with you a healthy life and happy fitness method,
Our team is always looking forward to hearing from you about our product innovation and market development suggestions. We want, You, willbe our next partner!
For more details on agent joint, please contact with our salesstaff!


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